In every ‘diet’ you have ever tried and everything you have ever read about losing weight, one of the tenets is: eat fewer calories and increase your exercise to burn more calories and you will lose weight.

Calories in vs calories out – right?

Sure.  But how has that worked out for you?

Don’t get me wrong – I am a BIG proponent of moving your body and adding activity into your life.

But doing it just to lose weight or classifying it as ‘exercise’ – well, that just doesn’t work.

Exercise is such an artificial construct.  You carve out an hour a day to drive to the gym, bring your heart rate up in whatever method of your choice, then drive home and now you feel good about having gotten some exercise into your day.

But how often is that the first thing to get sacrificed when life gets busy?

How often do you just dread the whole idea of making this happen?

And doesn’t it just feel kind of strange that we would get in our cars, drive 3 miles, get on a treadmill and run 5 miles, then drive 3 miles home again?  Doesn’t that just sound crazy???

What if we were to shift our thoughts around this whole idea of exercise?

Instead of exercising to lose weight, what if you added more movement into your life just for the overall health benefits?  And just because you LIKE it?

What if you added activity into your daily life that was a more natural part of your life – like walking to and from work (or riding your bike)?

And going for hikes in the evenings if that’s something you like to do and is accessible to you?

And just moving your body in general because it FEELS good and you love it?

What about finding things you LOVE to do vs ‘exercise’?  Like taking up ballroom dancing?

Adding movement into your life because it’s something you like to do and will keep you healthier, reverse the aging process, keep you strong and flexible….. these are reasons to be moving.  NOT because you are trying to burn some extra calories.

Because – let’s face it – you don’t burn that many extra calories.  A 3o minute run might burn approx. 300-400 calories.  But what’s better about this is is that it will actually suppress your appetite for awhile after your workout, it will build your heart muscle, increase your core strength and just keep you fitter all around.  THAT is a reason to workout.

Sure those extra calories burned will add up if you are trying to lose some weight lbs. but switching your mindset around doing it for your overall health and well-being and finding things you love to do with your body will actually keep it a part of your daily life vs some artificial construct of exercising an hour a day.

When I shifted my thoughts around this, I started to add more of the things I kept putting off doing.  I started ice skating again – because I LOVE ice skating.

I would set my phone alarm to go off every hour to make me get up from my desk and do 5 pushups and 10 deep squats to get my heart pumping, clear my head for a few minutes and take some deep breaths.  It always made me feel more focused and I LOVED feeling my body move.

Get creative.  What kinds of things bring you joy?  Don’t make it complicated – just get moving.

So – this week I challenge you to start moving your body throughout you day in ways that bring you joy and let me know what ways you started to shift this perspective.

I can’t wait to hear from you!  Every little bit of movement adds up – so what kinds of movement brings joy to you and your body?

Just get moving – your body (and MIND!) will thank you!

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