Every time we diet, we give our power to someone else.

We tell ourselves that we don’t trust ourselves or our bodies to know how we need to be nourished.

We send out the message that someone else knows what’s best for us.

We give our power away.

What if we took that back?

What if, instead of waiting for someone else to tell us how to eat, how WE need to be nourished – what if we tuned into our body’s wisdom and let it tell us what it needs?

Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

For YEARS I was always in search of the magic plan that would give me the body of my dreams.

And every time I started a new diet plan, I thought – this is it!  I will never have to diet again.

Who was I kidding?  In fact, every time I dieted, I made it all worse.  I restricted myself and told myself that I didn’t trust my own judgement around food.

I was telling myself that SOMEONE ELSE knew better.

That is crap.

It wasn’t until I stopped following everyone else’s meal plans that I was able to finally get off the diet/binge/overeating cycle. I began to trust my body again.

The only way we are truly going to get off this diet roller coaster and learn to nourish ourselves is to begin to trust in our own body’s wisdom again.

“How?” you ask.


Get quiet.


Be kind.

It may feel like if you let go you will eat all of the chips in the bag, that whole chocolate cake on the counter…

But I bet that if you TRULY stop and listen – your body will actually tell you when to stop.  It will tell you that you’ve had enough.


And that you may not actually want that whole bag of chips (but maybe you do?).

When you stop and listen, your body will thank you and let you know what you need.

And you will begin, bit by bit, to trust yourself again.  You will realize that when you eat the whole cake or bag of chips or (fill in the blank), that you actually don’t feel so great.  So the question is – do you REALLY want that?

Your head may be saying you do, but your body probably isn’t.

And one day, you will realize that you have taken back your power. You are no longer worried about which meal plan you should follow next because your body knows how much to eat and generally has begun to choose foods that MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD.

People always ask me what meal plan they should follow.  And many people that know me, expect me to tell them they should eat a whole-foods, plant based diet.  And for many years that is exactly what I have been telling people.

And I still believe this is the best way to eat to heal your body, the environment, be kind to animals, etc. but I no longer want to be responsible for taking away your power.

So what do I now recommend people eat?

Eat what you like, and WHAT MAKES YOUR BODY FEEL GOOD. (This is key!)

Stop – listen – trust.  You know what you need.

Reclaim your power.

Take back your weight.

Take back your life.

Find your joy.


*If any of this resonates with you and you are really ready to achieve true food freedom, let’s hop on a call together and connect.  I offer a Complimentary Food Freedom Strategy Session and you can sign up for that 30 minute call HERE. I would love to set up a time to chat.  I’m here to help you succeed!

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